NSI can provide R&D, Engineering, Fabrication, Integration, programming and testing.


  • 3-D CAD Renderings
  • P&IDs
  • Detailed BOMs
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Controls Ladder Logic
  • Electrical Panel Layout
  • Haz OP Review
  • Pressure Calculations
  • Volumetric Calculations

Research & Development

NSI has a staff of PhDs and engineers who can provide customers with comprehensive research and development. The NSI team asks the pertinent questions to determine the areas requiring special attention, metrology, including: human interfaces, component, accessibility. As a manufacturer with an in-house design team, NSI brings practical insight to creating a product that will save you time, reduce costs, and optimize operator experience. Our designers are committed to creating the highest quality products that are some of the most user-friendly in the market. NSI takes pride in implementing design modifications efficiently and reducing overall lead times. The NSI team is experienced in taking prototypes to market. We have the capability to design and fabricate.


NSI incorporates the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure purity and precision fabrication. Our world class fabrication facility is equipped with "state of the art" tools for high purity welding, tube bending, weld lathes, machining, final testing, and certification. A dedicated ultra high purified and filtered gas system has been installed to ensure the cleanliness and integrity of all fabricated assemblies. NSI's manufacturing headquarters adopts a 5 "S" lean manufacturing philosophy.

NSI provides the following services to give our customer advantages in very competitive markets. We provide the ability to produce high volume components to high complexity modules.

  • Collaborative Engineering Design
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customized Fabrication
  • Precision Manual Welding (ASME and CGA Certified)
  • Automated Welding (CGA Certified)
  • Machining
  • Integration
  • Preassembled Modules
  • Assemblies
  • Customized Quality Control Test Equipment and Fixtures
  • Integrated Systems Testing and Performance Analysis


NSI has the ability to manage all aspects of a project, allowing each client to focus on their core business. No pointing fingers, no handoff drop, or lost time. NSI has the experience to work side-by-side with engineers and supply chain managers from concept to completion. Bundling engineering, fabrication and project management with NSI reduces your risk while saving you time and money. Our team has the expertise and experience to exceed your expectations in integrating the following design and manufacturing steps:

  • Technical Manuals
  • Pneumatics
  • International Exports
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Electrical Panels
  • Frames
  • Controls
  • Testing
  • Sheet Metal
  • Machining
  • Semi-standards

For more information: 503.620.9922 or email sales@nsi-mfg.com

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